Concrete Formliners For Commercial Projects

Using Concrete Form Liners in Structural Architecture

Concrete form liners create texture and design on dry walls. Without it, a concrete wall would simply be a concrete wall. The design is created by pouring concrete into a mold.

Formliner or form liner (either way is correct) are created as mentioned above by pouring concrete into mold. The mold comes in various shapes, sizes and patterns. This is what formliner companies do. They build and design molds suitable for the projects at hand and then design the concrete patterns this way.

These patterns come in all sort of assortments….some patterns are in form of a brick, a rocky texture or a blocky form.
Other patterns include wood grain, fractal patterns and just about anything you can think of. In a way, it is a form of art, like mold scuplting. If you look at freeways and buildings, you will start to realize that many concrete patterns are made from formliner molds.

There are many structures built with formliners. One that you may know of is the Ahwanee hotel structure. It is a historical landmark, established in the 80’s.  This monument is located in Yosemite and is built from granite and wood.

This is an interesting marvel as this structure is made from poured concrete using formliners. Afterward the structure was stained to look like natural wood.

This hotel was created by architect Gilbert Stanley. It was designed in such a way that it fits perfectly with the majestic beauty of the Yosemite.

Interestingly enough, since it is not made of wood, there is no risk of fire, but still there is the beauty of manufactured natural wood that allows the hotel to blend in its location.

The way this hotel was built becomes encourages the use of construction material in a unique and innovative way. The molding and texturing of the stained concrete provides a natural look and feel of wood without the magnitude of cost and longevity.

It is a masterpiece because the material was created from early concepts of formliners that didn’t exist back in those days.

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